" I just thought that..." I cut him off. "You thought what exactly? I'm in a relationship....OBVIOUSLY!" "Oh...I'm sorry...It's just that you don't have on a wedding ring..."he said looking very apologetic and bemused. I burst out laughing. "Oh I'm sorry that me having a child out of wedlock has confused you! Last I checked it's 2007...not 1907..." I wisecracked. He laughed nervously and then there was an uncomfortable silence. "Well I'll be off then...Bye...It was nice talking to you..." He's obviously too nice for his own good as I had blatantly taken the piss out of him. I said goodbye distractedly because at that moment the bambino scrunched up her face and made the revving car noise that signals that she's squeezing out farts....Why couldn't she have done that a few moments earlier?

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