Kaneisha December 28, 2009 at 1:20 pm

@Maria: This guy is a DOG! If he ever contacts you again to ask you to meet him somewhere (that’s called a booty call), tell him “Of course!” in your sweetest voice–and then never show up. And don’t answer his calls when he does call you (probably five or six times). He’ll get the message that you aren’t his doormat–or his easy lay. Thanks to Why Men Love Bitches for that move. If you want to be nice about it, just never answer another call him from again. But that’s a lot less fun. REPLY

Susie February 21, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Kaneisha, Can you please help me through a similar situation. The same thing just recently happened to me and I need some help interpretting things as my mind is a mess. He told me he doesnt know what his head and heart want anymore. He told me this the same week of valentines day, the anniversary of my daughters death, my dad was in the hospital…I have so much going on I cant think straight. We have been together exactly a year. (He was married for 18 yrs,with his ex for a total of 21 years and they have been divorced 2 yrs. We are 37-38 years old. He dated casually before he met me but nothing serious. We started dating, he said he wanted to be exclusive and we were together constantly. We always had great times and he’s told me noone in his life has made him laugh and smile like I do.) Last week,he told me he doesn’t know what his head and heart want anymore. (In Sept, he did something similar and called me 8 hours after he broke it off as he said we needed to talk…he said he felt he was making a big mistake by letting me go.) His family feels he is afraid of moving forward. They think he still loves me as he hasn’t taken the 8×10 pic off his living room wall and still has my pic on the front of his phone. He is a country boy and I am a professional woman and he says I deserve better than him

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